Saturday, October 13, 2007

Q: Do you know how old I'd be, if I spent the next twenty years learning how to play the piano?

A: The same age you'd be if you spent the next twenty years not learning how to play the piano.

Monday, August 13, 2007


the more
the sun
the more
clouds appear
and the sun
shines less.

the less
the sun
the less
water evaporates,
clouds vanish
and the sun
shines more.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Why PhD?

Imagine that close to a hundred top scientists, coming from 32 countries, each of them leaders in their respective fields, were one day repatriated with their families to a laboratory in Europe to work on the most cutting-edge projects that mankind can think of.

Imagine that these people have at their disposal state of the art equipment to build the things they are passionate about ranging from the atomic level to the macroscopic levels. Imagine that they came there to cross-fertilize. Now you are very close to what Starlab is.

From a job application to Starlab
If you are interested in working for Starlab , either in Brussels or Barcelona, please see to it that you are the right profile. Bear in mind that we are looking for very special people. We have made 30 USP's we try to abide by:

Thirty Unique Selling Points of a potential recruit

1. Not more than 20% of the staff will be natives to the country of location
2. Not more than 65% will be male
3. People that belong to a geographical niche the laboratory has not been able to fill up to now are subject to positive discrimination
4. They need a sense of humor
5. They must be able to prove that there are adventurous
6. They must have superior communication skills
7. They must have at least one PHD
8. They must come from a top-reputation university
9. They are either bachelor or married (no girl/boyfriends left behind in the home country)
10. They must be prepared for full repatriation (move the entire family)
11. They must have a list of international publications
12. They must have a story behind them
13. They must have had some cross-fertilization adventures in their lives
14. They must have been exposed for longer that one year to the United States
15. Having worked in a private company is an asset
16. They must not be contract freaks who consult fourteen lawyers to present us with a fifty-page contract
17. They must be fulltime, residential and have no other obligations
18. The personality/position of the partner is an interesting asset
19. They must have one project underway they are passionate about
20. They must be considered experts in their fields by they peers (reference check)
21. They must be able to voice at least one crazy idea
22. They must be group-oriented
23. They must be able to live with uncertainty and constant change
24. Some appreciation of the Liberal arts is an advantage
25. Comfortable with unpolished/imperfect ideas
26. They must have a great tolerance for risk/failure
27. They must have a zest for entrepreneurship
28. They must possess good listening skills
29. They must demonstrate a passion for helping people
30. In their heart they must be romantics